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We provide reliable and affordable financial services to everyone from Millennial's who are just starting out to large multi-state businesses all under one roof.

We understand buying insurance isn't an exciting process. With this in mind we established our agency with a foundation of educating our clients on the products and maintaining communication with each of them after the policies are sold.

Experience Matters


When you buy an insurance policy you are hiring an agent to properly develop every possible risk and to be there for you at the worst possible moment. It's a profession we take great pride in. Our staff has over 15 years of experience. They have handled thousands of claims ranging from forest fires, tornado's, hail storms, floods and personal losses. They have stood by the side of clients and guided them through millions of dollars in losses. It's experiences like those which provide the peace of mind to our customers.


About Us


Risk Management

Our Risk Management approach focuses on protecting the current needs as well as anticipating future risks as well. Whether it’s a possible supply chain breakdown on a commercial exposure or an aging roof for a homeowner, our risk management assessments are designed to reduce future losses.

Volunteer Financial Services is a Knoxville based financial company that offers a variety of products and services in multiple states across the country. We have direct partnerships with the biggest names in the industry and long standing relationships which allow us to handle nearly any need under one roof.


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Home Renters & Condo


Boat Umbrella Motorcycle



General & Excess Liability


Work Comp











Index Universal




Risk Management Consulting – we provide third party assessments for individuals and business owners prior to their insurance renewals. Property reviews, update driver information, review current policies for gaps and assess future exposures


Student Loan Consulting – we work with you to get into income based repayment plans and loan forgiveness programs if eligible.


Teen Driver Awareness – we sit down with youthful operators and explain the financial consequences associated with driving.

VFS Private Client

Private Client Services (PCS)


Preferred Client Services (PCS) division focuses on protecting assets for high net worth clients, through our superior expertise as high net worth insurance brokers, our unparalleled risk management experience and our personalized protection for each client

High Net Worth Accounts

There are over 2M homes in the U.S. w/ values exceeding $1M, that figure has doubled since 2012. However, experts estimate that as many as 40% of these homes are under insured due to inexperienced agents or incorrect placements.

We have direct partnerships with the highest rated carriers in this market space and direct access to Underwriters for immediate turn around on these quotes.

PCS Dept

Industry Content

Renters Insurance

One of the most basic sales techniques used by every insurance agent is asking for a cross sell. If someone wants an automobile quote, the agent will ask about their home. If an individual doesn’t own a home, the agent will suggest renters insurance. Renters insurance? The very mention of it immediately leads to “what …

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