The biggest challenge to being confident and sure of yourself, is actually being yourself 

I made a Facebook post recently and a comment from one of my followers made me think, am I being real with myself?

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Hmm 🤔 if I may interrupt… In my experience in Knowing you Shawn, I don’t think you recognize the shared vision, passion, and character that a person has. You are too busy focusing on yourself. Just saying, my friend. How ironic it is to see fault in others while we are blinded by our own  

The integrity gap– it’s the difference between doing what you’re actually doing and what you know you should be doing. Everybody has an integrity gap, but some are wider than others. The larger your gap the more frustrated, discontent and self-conscious you are going to be. When you’re living this way, you can not make an impact on the people around you because you are full of shit. You may say all the right things. You may look the part with your car, gestures, mannerisms, clothes and other things that you think will influence others, but if you’re full of crap, the people around you can see through that. In a leadership role, you may still have people who still do what you ask them to do but they will never fully buy into you. You have to be bought into what you’re saying, you have to be your own client if you will. COMMITMENT is BUY IN! This requires having some core values and owning who you are. It’s okay to be yourself. We live in a time where we say ‘be yourself’, but not too much because that intimidates everybody else. Today’s culture has people walking on eggshells trying to fit in with a fake society or the illusion of social media. Don’t apologize for being yourself. What’s the alternative for not living your life as the best version of yourself? Living a version of you to appease someone else? Living your life clamoring for the attention and approval of others? That’s ridiculous. You’ll never measure up to someone else because that’s not you. You’ll never achieve happiness because it’s not really your happiness. Your path isn’t there. Yet comparison is what WE all do. We look outward, not inward when seeking validation and confidence. If you know what you should be doing when it comes to fitness, relationships, your goals hobbies, having your finances in order and taking care of yourself..IF YOU TAKE CARE OF ALL OF THAT to the best of your ability and you have a plan and a strategy for making that happen, you are going to be more sure and confident of yourself, and you will inevitably care less what other people think because you are so sure and confident in yourself it doesn’t matter. 

Let me know what you think.

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