About Us


Our Approach

Volunteer Financial Services uses Risk Management and Technology to provide our customers peace of mind and the ease of doing business. Our Risk Management approach focuses on protecting the current needs as well as anticipating future risks as well. Whether it’s a possible supply chain breakdown on a commercial exposure or an aging roof for a homeowner, our risk management assessments are designed to reduce future losses.

Volunteer Financial Services is a Knoxville based insurance agency with a different approach than everybody else. You see, we know exactly who we are and what type of clients we want to represent. If that sounds overly simplistic it probably is and that’s our approach with everything. Right now there are hundreds of other insurance agencies in our own backyard all competing to be the biggest and the best agency in the area. We wish them each the best. Volunteer Financial Services wasn’t established with the intention of becoming the largest insurance agency in our area. Instead we carefully selected our partnerships with companies who will meet the needs of our desired client base. We choose a handful of carriers who offer a variety of products, modern technology and excellent customer services and claims ratings. These simple features will allow us to build long lasting relationships with every client.


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