Each Spring the snow melts, birds begin to sing and flowers begin to bloom. It’s an exciting season of change and endless possibilities. This excitement carries over into the business world as well. Every Spring I receive countless calls from individuals looking to insure Lawn Care and Landscaping companies. Our conversations usually start with confusion about what should be covered and why it’s necessary to cover it. Honestly these are some of the best conversations I have each year. Landscapers are exposed to various types of risk every day they’re in business. Landscaping accidents can cause injuries or property damage that could lead to lawsuits and financial loss. Adequate landscaping insurance can protect these business owners from these types of situation

Depending on each companies needs typical coverages may include:

  • Business Liability Coverage — Provides coverage for bodily injury, property damage or personal and advertising injury arising from your business operations.
  • Building and Business Personal Property — Provides coverage for your building and business personal property such as computers, tools and equipment.
  • Commercial Auto — Provides coverage for your vehicles for damage or liability that may arise out of your lawn care and landscaping business.
  • Business Income and Extra Expense Provides coverage for actual loss of business income if your business operations come to a halt due to a covered loss, and for extra expenses incurred due to the loss.
  • Crime and Fidelity Coverages — Protects your business from loss of money, securities or inventory resulting from acts committed by your employees and non-employees. Covers activities such as employee dishonesty, embezzlement, forgery, robbery and burglary.
  • Inland Marine Coverage — Provides coverage for your mobile machinery and equipment used away from your premises.
  • Limited Pesticide/Herbicide Application Coverage* — Provides limited pollution coverage for losses that occur when herbicides and pesticides are applied by a certified handler, and according to manufacturer’s specifications.

DFor a comprehensive review of your current coverage email me shawn@vfsknox.com

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