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Personal Insurance Divisions


  • Personal Home 
  • Private Client Group
  • Renters Insurance
  • Rental Properties and Vacant Properties


  • Annual and Semi Annual policies with flexible payment options
  • Bundle with a homeowners product to maximize your savings 
  • We have markets to cover Foreign Drivers Licenses, Clean Risks, Families with youthful operators, Ride sharing and business uses 


  • Mechanical Breakdown Coverage
  • Loss Settlement
  • Wreck Removal
  • Salvage
  • One of a Kind Pontoon Coverage

Tips for Buying Personal Insurance

Home Owners Things To Keep in Mind

1. You should have sufficient home insurance to replace your home and contents if everything is lost in a fire or another covered disaster. 

2. If you own a condo be sure to find out what your association’s insurance policy covers and which expenses, beyond replacing your personal possessions, will be your responsibility. 

3. If you have fine jewelry, furs and sterling silver flatware and/or if you collect firearms, consider having separate riders to covered those prized posessions. 

Home and Property Insurance for Everyone

A. Private Client Group

There are over 2M homes in the U.S. with values exceeding $1M, that figure has doubled since 2012. However, experts estimate that as many as 40% of these homes are currently under insured due to inexperienced agents or incorrect placements.


VFS helps successful individuals and families protect their property, assets, and lifestyles by providing expert personal insurance consultation, solutions, and services. We work directly with our clients to build a comprehensive personal insurance program specifically tailored to their lives and unique risk profiles.



B Renters Insurance:

Renters insurance covers the replacement of the policy holders personal property as a result of a covered peril and any extra living expense should they be asked to leave a location. For example a tornado damages a building or an upstairs neighbor leaves their water running and your unit is damaged. Renters insurance would cover those temporary housing expenses at hotel


C. Rental Properties and Vacant properties:

We have markets to insure exposures some of the other carriers won’t write.

Cheap Insurance Means Less Coverage

The most commonly sold insurance product is an auto insurance policy. Everybody’s seen the countless television advertisements, closed annoying web banners or deleted an email solicitation promising fast and cheap auto quote. VFS knows lower rates are important, but “cheap” means nothing if your policy doesn’t cover you in the event of an accident


A Annual and Semi Annual policies with flexible payment options


B Bundle with a homeowners product to maximize your savings


C we have markets to cover Foreign Drivers Licenses, Clean Risks, Families with youthful operators, Ride sharing and business uses.

Cost of Auto Insurance Factors

1. Your Car
What kind of car and how much your drive. Some cars are more expensive to repair than others and the more you drive the higher your chances of having an accident. 

2. You
Your driving record as well as your sex, age and credit history. Clean driving records generally get you better rates. Younger, more inexperienced drivers tend to pay higher rates because their chance of getting into an accident is higher. 

3. Your Coverage
States dictate your minimum coverages, and you get to determine your deductibles and additional coverages. 

Marine Coverage

Mechanical Breakdown Coverage:

No other carrier covers this and they extend it to lack of winterized boats.

Inboard engines, transmissions, outboard unit.

Loss Settlement:

Endorsement for Full Replacement cost will provide Original Manufacture Parts 

Wreck Removal:

Provides wreck removal to the full limit of the liability coverage.


Provides salvage coverage up to the full value of the vessel in addition to the Hull Coverage at no additional premium coverage.

Pontoon Coverage is one of a kind

Pontoon Replacement – if a pontoon is damaged or punctured they will replace it

Waiver of depreciation – on productive covers, cushions and upholstery

Vermin & marine creature coverage

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