“In the Spring, I counted 136 different types of weather in 24 hours” ~ Mark Twain

Everybody is tired of the Winter weather and craving the sunshine of Spring. That sunshine brightens our moods and bring the plants back to life. However, with that spring thaw can also come some problems if you are not prepared. As the ground begins to warm up and snow begins to melt away, your home or business may suffer from some water seepage. I’d like to provide a few tips to help get your home ready for the Spring.

  • Clear out your gutters. Over the Fall and Winter months your gutters may have accumulated a lot of debris like leaves, twigs, and even nesting animals. Make sure water can properly drain off the top of your house.
  • Be sure there isn’t any debris clogging your drainpipes. Again, you want to make sure water will flow down the pipes and away from the house. If it just pours over the side of the roof, it will drain straight down in the ground which could cause water damage.
  • Cut back any tree limbs or shrubbery which have grown over the past few months. This creates better ventilation and allows surfaces to dry quicker
  • Check your garden hose for dry rotting and faucets heads for freeze damage
  • If you have a basement in your home walk around it to make sure all of your windows and vents are closed. Most likely you closed them in the Winter but it doesn’t hurt to check again.
  • Contact your insurance agent to find out if you have the coverage you would need if anything were to become damaged from any possible water seepage. A standard homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t carry this coverage, it must be added to the policy in the form of an endorsement.

If you would like to discuss this possible risk or any other insurance questions email me shawn@vfsknox.com

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